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Sports Basement is a Bay Area sporting goods retailer, but it feels like so much more! We carry the best brands at the best prices, we rent snow gear, camp gear, bikes and more, and we'll fix up your bike or tune your ski gear at our in-store service shops. Even better, we offer tons of comfy couches and community spaces so you can feel at home, enjoy a film festival, or meet some (sorta) famous athletes. From hosting fundraisers for local schools & charities to cheering you on at a local race, we're a key part of our local communities as well as a safe space to hang out (that’s what the couches are for).

Position overview

Sports Basement Presidio and our sister location Basically Free Bike Rentals (Fisherman's Wharf) are excited to announce that we are hiring seasonal, part-time and full-time staff for our bike rental businesses. These roles are a great way to interact with people from all over the world and help them enjoy our city!