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Workstream ( transforms the way deskless workers work, starting from automating their hiring and onboarding workflows. We help companies to streamline the hiring process with workflow automation, SMS communication and machine learning. Our clients include Jamba Juice, McDonald's, Westin, Marriott, Uber, Subway, Dunkin', Panera Bread, Coupa Cafe, Sightglass Coffee, Equator Coffee and more. We are a team from Stanford, MIT, Google, Y Combinator, Harvard, Cornell, Yelp, Qualtrics, Glassdoor, WeChat and more and are backed by investors including Basis Set Ventures, Valar Ventures, ex-Googler Fund, Peterson Ventures, Joe Montana, CEO of Zoom, CEO of Logitech, COO of Yelp, Chairman of JetBlue, CMO Hubspot, and more. Global at our core, we are headquartered in San Francisco, and have presence in the US, Europe, China and Singapore from day one.

Position overview

As the EA to the CEO, you are in a very important position to support Desmond and his team to maximize his efficiency, create leverage, save him time, and to create impact. You will need to be detail-orientated, quick-thinking, resourceful, and trust-worthy. It is very important to have high integrity in this position as you will be accessing a lot of his personal information and details. You will succeed if you have a startup mentality of “getting sh*t done”, because to start, the work will be heavily execution-focused. You will grow as the company scales, and it’ll be up to you (and your performance) to determine how your career progresses. If you are looking for a relaxed 9-5, please back away slowly. If you are insanely bright, hard working, humble, and looking to build a career on the ground floor of an exciting and fast-growing software-as-a-service (SaaS) business, this is for you. • You resonate with our company values. Culture fit is must have for us, and hopefully these will resonate with you! • You are humble, hungry, disciplined, and curious. • You are an excellent written and verbal communicator – which is especially key in a remote team that relies more on asynchronous communication than on watercooler chats. • You have fantastic problem-solving abilities, analytical horsepower , an attention to detail, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get things done.

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Responsibilities Scheduling and planning time - Get to know Desmond’s way of managing and prioritizing his meetings and time on Google calendar, and help him to schedule meetings accordingly over email - Do a weekly audit of how he spends his time on Google calendar and shares with him Sales and client engagement - LinkedIn: Desmond is very active on LinkedIn and uses an automated tools to connect with potential clients on LinkedIn daily Engage in conversation and potential leads on LinkedIn on a daily basis Keep track of a list of these potential leads and convert them into sales calls/demos for the Workstream team on a daily basis - Email: going through Desmond’s email and Google calendar to look for exchanges with past customers who did not convert, and help to bubble them up or hand them over to other sales rep on the team Help with administrative things including - Reservation, flight bookings for Desmond and at times, rest of Workstream team - Doctor, medical and other appointments - Make sure all bills are paid on time Email management - Help to manage my email inbox with me in order to keep things simple and clean - Help to unsubscribe from content (with Desmond’s guidance and training) or emails that are not needed - Help to prioritize emails with Desmond if needed Meetings with Desmond - Help to create an agenda for every recurring meeting that Desmond is involved with, either for 1-on-1s or team meetings and make sure there is clear agenda, action steps post meetings, and notes taken - For certain meetings, help to brief the attendee before hand to maximize the time of Desmond Content creation - Help to source and create content to be released via Desmond’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, personal blog, Twitter, Facebook, and various forums, communities - Potentially help to create content and ghost write for Desmond for various media publications including Huffington Post,, Techcrunch, and more - Find the right photos, design, etc to make content attractive, etc - If not creating content on own, work with Desmond to find the right creative writer to do so Recruiting - Connect with Desmond on potential candidates that we are looking to hire. Work with people ops to go online and reach out to potential candidates with a personalized template - Set up for a first call with either HR / people ops or with Desmond for the right candidates


• Thoughtful leader with excellent communication skills and high emotional intelligence • Attention to detail, quick-thinking, analytical • Able to work Pacific hours (San Francisco time) from 8am to 5pm • Hard-worker, quick to response, thoughtful, tries to solve problem at hand not just follow instructions • Writes well, good grammar and English, and well-structured in writing