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Product Manager (our first PM!)

San Francisco


Workstream ( transforms the way deskless workers work, starting from automating their hiring and onboarding workflows. We help companies to streamline the hiring process with workflow automation, SMS communication and machine learning. Our clients include Jamba Juice, McDonald's, Westin, Marriott, Uber, Subway, Dunkin', Panera Bread, Coupa Cafe, Sightglass Coffee, Equator Coffee and more. We are a team from Stanford, MIT, Google, Y Combinator, Harvard, Cornell, Yelp, Qualtrics, Glassdoor, WeChat and more and are backed by investors including Basis Set Ventures, Valar Ventures, ex-Googler Fund, Peterson Ventures, Joe Montana, CEO of Zoom, CEO of Logitech, COO of Yelp, Chairman of JetBlue, CMO Hubspot, and more. Global at our core, we are headquartered in San Francisco, and have presence in the US, Europe, China and Singapore from day one.

Position overview

We are looking for our first (!!) product manager to join our fast growing team, working alongside the founders. Ideally, you are passionate, detail-oriented, an excellent communicator, and incredibly intelligent. And the entire company is aligned to make sure you are successful in building a product that our customers love! The Nitty-gritty Details • Company: Workstream
 • Website:
 • Location: San Francisco
 • Position: Product Manager
 • Position type: Full-time
 • Reporting to: Co-founder & chief product officer

Opportunities to Progress in Career

Workstream is a San Francisco based, rapidly growing, seed-stage startup, funded by well known institutional and angel investors (happy to share more privately). We are a small team of ~20 full timers + a few part timers with strong passion to make hiring easier and faster. We hope you will bring the same energy and share with the team. We are looking for someone that can grow with our team over time. You will start as a Product Manager; we don’t do fancy titles, but your plate will be as full as you want it to be, and then some. You will succeed if you have a startup mentality of “getting sh*t done”, because to start, the work will be heavily execution-focused. You will grow as the company scales, and it’ll be up to you (and your performance) to determine how your career progresses.

Skill Sets and Requirements

• You resonate with our company values. Culture fit is must have for us, and hopefully these will resonate with you!
 • You are humble, hungry, disciplined, and curious.
 • You are an excellent written and verbal communicator – which is especially key in a remote team that relies more on asynchronous communication than on watercooler chats. 
 • You are a builder, not a maintainer. You have built and shipped products from the ground up.
 • You have empathy for customers. You are highly skilled at discovering customer needs through talking to them. You combine soft and hard data to make product decisions.
 • You have fantastic problem-solving abilities, analytical horsepower , an attention to detail, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get things done.
 • You have 2+ years experience as a product manager in B2B SaaS. You can easily get a job at Intercom, but would rather be PM #1 at a fast growing startup. 
 • Nice to have: ability to speak Mandarin Chinese. 
 • Nice to have: experience working as an hourly blue collar worker in the past. 
 • Nice to have: experience with building software products for users not in tech (such as retail, hospitality, logistics, etc.). 

Product Execution (70%)

• To us, product execution is taking ideas from the roadmap and building them into features used and loved by customers. You own the features and its ultimate success. Specifically, this means…
 • Break complex features into smaller, iterate-able and testable modules. 
 • Bring ideas, mockups, prototypes, and features early and frequently to customers to get feedback. 
 • Write specs that can be easily understood by a remote team as a guidance to implementation. Use written words, UX flow diagrams, mockups, videos, and any other tools to get ideas across asynchronously. 
 • Iterate with our designer to turn an idea into simple, clear, and intuitive user interfaces for non technical users.
 • Work with engineers and QA to ensure the product is built the way it’s intended to. 
 • Define success metrics to ensure implementation is aligned with goals and requirements.
 • Manage the sprint process as the pseudo scrum master. 
 • Collaborate with support team to write support documentation.
 • Manage new feature launch, create and keep to timelines, manage internal and external communication, make sure sales and success teams understand the new features. 

Spend Time with Customers (15%)

• “Everybody does customer success” is a core company value, and we take working with customers very seriously. Our entire company is in existence to make sure our customers get value, and you are the key customer ambassador. 
 • You will spend roughly ~1 day every week with customers, in a mix of ways. It can be getting out of the building and visiting 6 customers in a day. It can be 6-7 Zoom meetings spread throughout the week. It can be spending 2 afternoons answering support tickets. It can be leading customer success training sessions. 
 • Cultivate a group of customers that you can call on, and schedule meetings with them. Get help from customer success. 
 • Manage, lead, and grow the Workstream champion program for champions to provide feedback.
 • Share feedback and ensure the rest of the engineering and design team also have empathy with customers.

Product Roadmap (15%)

• Develop a thorough understanding of company vision and business strategies, drive the translation and execution from strategy to product. 
 • Participate in annual and quarterly product roadmap sessions with founders. Think strategically to ensure that your roadmap supports Workstream’s overall company objectives.
 • Maintain a prioritized feature backlog of all customer feedback.
 • Drive process improvements that benefit the product/tech team at large.
 • Establish shared vision for your product across the company by focusing on the customer and building consensus on priorities leading to product execution

Data Champion (10%)

• Identify key KPIs to monitor and steer product performance and growth.
 • Lead the build out of product metric dashboards to provide transparency and focus company-wide attention on the most important numbers.
 • Drive first-person workflow & usability studies, field research, and market analysis to back up your viewpoints and decisions. 
 • Champion a data-driven decision making culture within the company.